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Celebration Children’s Center uses a mixed curriculum that incorporates ideas from Creative Curriculum along with providing a Jesus Time (in which the children are exposed to teachings about Jesus and basic Christian morals and values.

Infant Curriculum:

  • Daily routines are created around meeting each individual child’s basic needs.
  • Individual lesson plans are formed based on each child’s skill level which encourages successful development.
  • Each room provides a nurturing, loving, and welcoming environment that caters to every area of development (social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical)
  • Families are involved in all aspects of their child’s progress
  • Jesus Time: Starting at a very young age the children are exposed to songs, books and prayer.  This plays an important role in a child’s spiritual growth.  We teach the children to fold their hands, thank the Lord for our blessings, and end with a big AMEN!!

Toddler Curriculum:

  • Independence, self-help skills, and problem-solving are the main areas of focus in our two toddler classrooms.
  • Environment, materials, and lessons focus on developmentally appropriate skills for each age group
  • Potty training is also a skill the child will work on during their time in these two classrooms
  • Each classroom has developed a “center based” environment that focuses on developmental skills appropriate for that specific age group
  • Literacy, Math, and Science concepts are incorporated into both classroom environments
  • Jesus Time: In our toddler through Pre-K rooms, the teachers provide various activities throughout the week in which we call “Jesus Time.”  During this time the children engage in a bible themed book, flannel stories, songs, or project that teachers them about God’s word.

Preschool Curriculum:

  • Teachers use guidance and instructional strategies to encourage the children to develop the skills they will need to succeed in school an life beyond
  • Focus in this room is center around social/emotional development (friendship skills)
  • Instructional strategies include both child-initiated and teacher-directed learning
  • Teachers observe children and provide lessons that meet every child’s developmental needs
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are offered to update parents on their child’s development
  • Jesus Time: The children in this classroom not only participate in Jesus Time described in the toddler curriculum above, but they also participate in a chapel time once a week.  Children are brought to chapel where they are read a story from the bible, sing a theme related song, and participate in a discussion on how the choose bible verse/story relates to their lives.