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Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program teaches children the importance of physical activity and nutrition. Children 1yr old and older participate in active play on a daily bases. Our Pre-K classrooms (ages 2.5 yr-5) participate in nutrition classes and gardening two times/month.

The Wellness Program provides physical activities throughout the child’s daily schedule. The children participate in both “teacher led” (structured activities that are planned and facilitated by the Wellness Coordinator or Primary Teachers) and “child led” (free choice) physical activities. Some of the activities that we do are music and movement, different kinds sports, and yoga.

The Wellness Program also teaches the children awareness of healthy eating habits. We know that children learn best with hands on activities that allow them to explore, manipulate, and visualize new skills and concepts. One of the ways that the children learn about nutrition is through garden where the children can see the fruits and vegetable grow from seed to their plate. The Wellness Coordinator creates activities throughout the growing process, and children participate in cooking activities that focus on preparing, tasting, or exploring different healthy foods.